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It's time for workshops ✏️

It's time for workshops ✏️

Odysseas Economides |


Well, it's time :) ... since we started giving workshops in various events and venues, a lot of you asked us to deliver them consistently with a variety of levels. Initially, the plan was to start our custom workshops at the beginning of 2021, but the plan was delayed and set for later due to COVID-19 complications.

One of our goals for 2022 was to start those workshops and we are happy to announce that we just released the first one: "3D DESIGN AND PRINT WORKSHOP - LEVEL 1"

In our schedule, we plan to design and release two kinds of workshops with varying levels of expertise and difficulty. The idea is to offer you a smooth, but challenging and for sure interesting, journey on the following two subjects:




We design our workshops in a way that anyone, with only basic PC usage as a prerequisite, is able to attend, understand and learn the subject :)

We believe that the best and most fun way to learn is to get your hands dirty and start tinkering from the start. We achieve this by creating a real project through the process 🔨

Stay tuned for the release of upcoming levels and subjects 🚀

















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