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2021 Highlights

2021 Highlights

Odysseas Economides |

2021 was the first year that we moved our focus from basic retailing to operating as a creative robotics startup. We gave life to one time projects, lab projects, and since we are really good at it, client projects and hardware services 💪

Below you can find some of our activities 🙂




If you didn't notice already, during 2021 we created our own ROBO perfboard line. The line consists of two mini perfboards, two medium-sized perfboards and a large one. As always we love innovating with small improvements on already existing technologies. This time we wanted to create high quality perfboards, with pads that don't break easily and look awesome. We took the size of a mini breadboard and created a perfboard of the same size with the addition of two power lines (GND,VCC) in order to help you power your project!

You can find the ROBO perfboard line below:



The ROBO Ruler was born during the everyday usage of some common rulers in the lab. Our main issue was the extra padding that common rulers leave on the left and right sides. That extra padding prevented us from being able to take measurements directly from the start of one object to another. Add a bit of ROBO brainstorming and you have the PCB Ruler, with functional resistors, electrical engineering tables, and a new design for mm indication!



The ROBO ESP32 was designed to be the smallest ESP32-WROOM-32 with the most available GPIO pins on the internet! Although never released, the ROBO ESP32 formed the base for the all-new ROBO ESP32-S2 board that we are preparing to release this year. This design was our first ever custom ESP32 dev board. Get ready for a fancier and more feature-full ESP32-S2 dev board.





We are always interested in engaging with the community in workshops, events, and expos. Some of the workshops we delivered include:

An introductory workshop to the world of microcontrollers and sensors at the Pascal Space Center (a very inspiring place for kids 😀):



A two-day workshop, DIY Interactive Environments Workshop, in collaboration with CYENS ThinkerMakerSpace 🖤:


Due to Covid-19 expos were very limited, despite that, we managed to attend the tech section of Boyz Stuff Show and we are looking forward to the next one:



Another, quite interesting, expo was the Work In Progress organized by CYENS. We presented a prototype installation of our project InfiniteWall that turned out to be very eye-catching! Kudos to the guys at CYENS Thinker Maker Space, that made this possible 😊 




Since we are fascinated by creating hardware projects, beginning 2021 we started offering high-quality hardware services. Common cases include:

  • A research and development center that has an idea or project that includes prototyping and creating a new piece of hardware device
  • An industrial company looking to monitor or automate its pipeline using custom robotic systems or industrial robotic arms
  • Small batch manufacturing using 3D printers, CNCs and laser cutters

An industrial example is a client of ours that requested a custom humidifier controller with specific features and a special software menu. Below is a picture with 50 pieces of the custom controller we designed and produced:


We are really attracted by projects that require finding a new solution from scratch. An Italy-based hardware company contacted us to propose a solution to a new product idea they had. After analyzing the project requirements we came up with a setup and produced 10 testbeds in order to evaluate the solution:



In 2021 we made a quite important collaboration with one of the biggest robotic arm manufacturers, DOBOT. This collaboration will help us bring the educational STEAM level to another level by using their educational robotic arms in new activities. Furthermore, we enter the world of industrial automation by programming and developing solutions using the DOBOT industrial line 💪


Did you know that electric vehicle conversions are happening in Cyprus!? Meet our brother startup Dias Customs EV Conversions. Our collaboration is aiming to bring high-quality solutions to the EV industry.



Our main project, InfiniteWall progressed quite fast during 2021 and we are happy that we made several test installations already. In 2022 we are bringing the spotlight around InfiniteWall!


The SmartBMS project is designed in collaboration with Dias Customs to provide a quality solution that features the following:

  • Reliability - the BMS should be able to work in its MAX rated power with constant power delivery 24h/24h with no issues 💪

  • Battery Cells Balancing - balance any inconsistencies in the voltages of the battery cells using a high precision and accurate ADC 📐

  • Data Logging - log data of the battery usage, load power consumption and faults 📊

  • Detect Faults - detect load or battery faults and warn the user 🕵️


FastTrack is aiming to create a small, portable, embedded device, capable of real-time monitoring data from teams. Examples include: health data of sports teams or GPS location of civil defense teams. We succeed in transmitting these data by creating a standalone LoRa mesh network 📈📊


2021 - 2022

2021 was a quite full year with lots of new moves, growth, inspiration, and innovation but stay tuned cause 2022 is going to be more 🚀



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