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What we do

What we do

Odysseas Economides |

Since the internet is full of "About us" pages and we like to consider ourselves do-ers, we decided to make a "What we do" page instead of an "About us" 🙃. Keep reading to get a glimpse of what we do 🚀

Although visiting our website seems like we are a robotics component distributor, there is more going on than meets the eye.



We are engaged in four activities:

1. Distributing basic robotics components in Cyprus and EU 📦

We are trying to make the microcontroller, maker and robotics world easily accessible in Cyprus by holding in stock the most fundamental electrical parts and offering fast, one working day, delivery 🚀



2. Designing and producing innovative platforms aimed for education, R&D and entertainment 📐

Our main focus is into designing our own platforms and kits, aimed for education, R&D and entertainment. Examples include the fully flexible and capable Arduino based tank robot, named Tankbot, an 8-bit mini arcade machine named Tinycade and our 'infinite' and modular pixel wall named InfiniteWall ( still in the R&D phase ).




3. Offering hardware B2B services 💪

Since we are experts in rapid prototyping, design and small batch manufacturing we started accepting enquiries for custom hardware services for up to 500 pcs, and even more, depending on the project. Examples of previous work:

  • Custom humidity and water level controllers for a production company that needs to set and maintain the humidity of a room
  • R&D testbeds for research centers that need a custom device to develop their algorithms on and proceed with their research
  • Customized microcontroller development boards ( like an Arduino UNO compatible one, ESP32 and others )
  • Industrial R&D and prototyping

The following microcontrollers can be integrated to your custom device. Our team has multiple years of experience in working and integrating them:

  • ESP8266
  • ESP32
  • ATmega family
  • STM32 family
  • ATSAMD21

For the casing of the custom device we mainly use FMD ( and is some cases SLA ) 3D printing but if your project requires a different type of casing, or microcontroller don't hesitate to contact us at

We envision that this innovative step will open up new possibilities and transform the tech industry in Cyprus. 💪



4. Actively empowering the maker community in Cyprus 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Since our team consists of makers, we are actively engaged and empower maker communities and activities in Cyprus. If there is a maker event around, most probably you will find us there!



Learn more, stay up to date:

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Our lab:

If you love electronics and creating stuff, send us an email on or call us at 95137931 to arrange a tour through our Lab 😊




great job mate :)


Great post! Keep up the good work! We love your products!!


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