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A Tank based robot that was completely custom designed and built by ROBO to be used in education, R&D and by the maker community.

TANKBOT hosts an Arduino compatible micro-controller and a range of modules and sensors to make many combinations and help to create intelligent algorithms. It includes two infrared obstacle avoidance sensors, a light sensor, a humidity and temperature sensor, bluetooth, a buzzer/mini speaker, four general purpose switches and a strong 3W headlight. The best part is that it is designed to be easily expanded, disassembled and upgraded, thus leveraging the huge market of Arduino compatible modules and sensors that counts more than one hundred different parts!









No need to go through an assembly hassle, TANKBOT ships assembled, already loaded with a demo RC software to play with. Actually as we like to say to all makers, hackers, research institutes, or anyone who wants to customize and upgrade it, TANKBOT comes ready-to-be-disassembled!




How to use the built-in demo:

1. Download the Arduino Bluetooth Controller from here ( THIS IS AN ANDROID VERSION ONLY APP ). You can use any other Arduino compatible Bluetooth controller you like for iOS and Android. You must first pair TANKBOT with your phone and then you can use the app. The code for pairing is "1234".

2. If you want to use the game-pad controls, configure the buttons as follows:

  • FORWARD - 1
  • BACK - 2
  • LEFT - 3
  • RIGHT - 4
  • BUZZER - 7
3. Turn on TANKBOT and pair it with your mobile phone.
4. Enjoy 😊


First use notes:

  • You can turn on/off TANKBOT by using the push switch located on the red breadboard PSU:
  • In case a servo of the TANKBOT should be in idle position but it moves or you can hear the servo struggling to move then you can calibrate the servo by using a Philips screwdriver! To access the calibration screw you should first remove the black spacer that it is in front:


Finally, you can download the Arduino demo code from here (TANKBOT1_V5), to tinker, upgrade and hack it. We can't wait to see what you can do with it 🚀



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