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Educational robotic arms - taking education to the next level 🚀

Educational robotic arms - taking education to the next level 🚀

Odysseas Economides |

We are very happy to announce that robotic arms are finally coming to Cyprus! Our official cooperation with DOBOT aims to bring the STEAM, high school and university education to the next level 💪.



To celebrate this, we offer 15% off to all DOBOT preorders for the following two weeks, so take the chance and choose the package that interests you the most. The offer is valid from 05/10/21 to 20/10/21.



DOBOT is a world-leading provider of intelligent robotic arms, with probably the largest coverage and lots of educational material to support the equipment.

 Their educational robotic arms are already used in:



The robotic arms are a perfect match both for introductory courses in STEAM, robotics, programming and automation, but also for advanced concepts and applications.

The video below features a Magician Lite robotic arm that can distinguish the white carrots from the red ones and place them to the according basket.


More advanced examples are shown below, using a Magician robotic arm and the vision kit for automations in template matching, diameter detection and defect detection.



Feel free to download the Educational Catalogue here, or check the video inventory to get a better idea on what can be done using an educational robotic arm here and download the product and software manuals here.





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