Resistor Kit 560 pcs, 1/4W

Resistor Kit 560 pcs, 1/4W

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A 560 pcs, 56 value resistor kit to cover probably all of your projects regarding resistors! 

The kit contains 10 pcs of each of the following values:

2.2Ω 4.7Ω 5.6Ω
7.5Ω 8.2Ω 10Ω 15Ω
22Ω 27Ω 33Ω 39Ω
47Ω 56Ω 68Ω 75Ω
82Ω 100Ω 120Ω 150Ω
180Ω 220Ω 270Ω 330Ω
390Ω 470Ω 510Ω 680Ω
820Ω 1KΩ 1.5KΩ 2.2KΩ
3KΩ 3.9KΩ 4.7KΩ 5.6KΩ
6.8KΩ 7.5KΩ 8.2KΩ 10KΩ
15KΩ 22KΩ 33KΩ 39KΩ
47KΩ 56KΩ 68KΩ 75KΩ
82KΩ 1MΩ 1.5MΩ 2MΩ
3.3MΩ 4.7MΩ 5.6MΩ 10MΩ

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