Dual Motor Controller - L9110 Chip

Dual Motor Controller - L9110 Chip

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The motor controller has a L9110 compact motor driver chip that supports a voltage range from 2.5-12V at 800mA of continuous current. These chips have built-in output clamp diodes to protect your sensitive micro-controller electronics. They are suitable for very small robot projects.

Each L9110 chip is able to drive a single DC motor using two digital control inputs. One input is used to select the motor direction while the other is used to control the motor speed. Speed is controlled by using PWM Pulse Width Modulation. Motor drivers typically have what is called a truth table that determines the effect of its inputs. The truth table for a single L9110 chip is as follows:

L9110 Truth Table
Input Output
IA IB OA IB Description
L L L L Off
H L H L Forward
L H L H Reverse
H H H H Off

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