Arduino Robotics with C++ - Level 1 - Ticket

Arduino Robotics with C++ - Level 1 - Ticket

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*** Workshop date-time: Saturday 17/06/23 16:00-20:00 at our facilities. ***






*** Workshop date-time: Saturday 17/06/23 16:00-20:00 at our facilities. ***

This is a ticket for our hands-on "Arduino Robotics with C++" workshop. The ticked must be paid in advance in order to be valid.


No prior knowledge is required except basic computer usage 🙂. The workshop is intended for anyone that has no knowledge of programming, electronics and Arduino. Although the classroom has computers for each participant, you are encouraged to bring laptops with you in order to get familiar with the software on your own laptop ( the usage of a mouse is greatly recommended ) 👌

During the workshop, you will be introduced to the fascinating and open world of the Arduino ecosystem! This workshop is designed to captivate both beginners and enthusiasts alike, providing a comprehensive introduction to Arduino microcontrollers and their limitless potential.

The workshop begins with a brief introduction to Arduino, unraveling its rich history and highlighting its significance in the field of electronics. You'll gain an understanding of how Arduino boards work, their components, and the wide range of sensors and actuators at your disposal. Fear not if you have no prior experience with programming or electronics; this workshop is designed to accommodate learners of all levels.

Hands-on activities form the core of this workshop, ensuring that you actively engage with Arduino from the start. You'll learn the basics of coding through interactive tutorials and exercises, enabling you to write your first programs and control electronic components. Through guided projects, you'll witness firsthand the power of Arduino as you build and program various devices.

Get ready for a full hands-on Arduino workshop 🚀





The workshop is designed to be a 4-hour course that includes the following 🧐:

Part 1 - Introduction to the world of Arduino ( 2 hours ) 📐:

  1. Introduction to the world of Arduino
  2. Definition of Roboitcs
  3. Microcontrollers VS CPUs and computers
  4. Introduction to Arduino 
  5. Overview of the Arduino UNO board
  6. Pinout
  7. Input, and output pins
  8. Analog, and digital pins
  9. Introduction to C++
  10. Setup and loop
  11. Basic Arduino functions (pinMode, digitalWrite, digitalRead, delay, tone, noTone, Serial.begin, Serial.print, Serial.println, analogRead)

Part 2 - Hands-on projects and challenges! ( 2 hours )🔨:

  1. How fast are your eyes? LED challenge.
  2. The voice of Arduino. Tone challenge. 
  3. Designing a hearing spectrum test, instrument. 
  4. Designing the alarm system of a real-world scenario.
  5. Sensors! Light to sound, a crude musical instrument.
  6. Discussion and experimentation.


Save your spot now! Limited seats are available! What do you get:

  • A high-quality 4-hour workshop 💎
  • Certificate of completion 📜
  • Tour in the ROBO Lab 📦
  • Chance to meet our instructors in person, at the end of the workshop, to help you bring your ideas to life 🚀 

We put a lot of effort in delivering a complete and successful workshop experience. The goal is to make you learn and leave excited about electronics, robotics, programming and Arduino 😀


Important notes and rules ⚠️:

*The workshop language will be Greek.

*In order to deliver a safe workshop but most importantly to ensure the quality of the workshop, limited positions will be available. 

*One ticket is valid for one position.

*For any questions feel free to call us at: 95 137931


The workshop will be delivered physically at our facilities in Nicosia, Cyprus 🔧👨‍🔬⚗️🔬




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