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How about an ultra small, cute, electronic heart that makes vibrant light animations? Meet the HeartBit 🖤

HeartBit started as a fun project in the laboratory with some key points in mind:

  • Create the smallest electronic heart possible 🔎
  • Make it beautiful, meaning that it should have lots of RGB pixels to create a nice rounded shape 🖤
  • Be as power efficient as possible! Its powered only by a small coin cell battery and there are lots of pixels in there, so making it last as long as possible was quite a challenge 🤓
  • Code some high quality light animations 💡

    This mini black heart is powered by a small coin cell battery (CR2032, not included) on the back. It is already preloaded with a dozen of light effects written by the team.

    Nevertheless you can hack it and make your own effects and projects by re-programming it using the ISP interface and an AVR programmer like the UsbtinyISP 🚀. The MCU is the mini all-mighty Attiny85, so there is already lots of support for it from the community 😀.

    Such a small-cute heart should be easily carried, right? That's why we designed a small hole on the top left corner to be mounted on a keychain, hanged from your backpack or even used as a nerdy necklace! Your imagination is the limit 🦄

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