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The ROBO UNO+ | An enhanced UNO R3 for hobbyists and education

The ROBO UNO+ | An enhanced UNO R3 for hobbyists and education

Odysseas Economides |

We are super excited to announce the first ever Arduino UNO fully compatible board designed and developed in our island, Cyprus (EU), the ROBO UNO+. The Ultimate Arduino Uno Compatible Board for Makers, Enthusiasts and Educators 😃

In the dynamic world of electronics and embedded systems, the Arduino Uno has long been a go-to development board for both beginners and experts alike. Its simplicity, versatility, and extensive community support have made it a favorite among hobbyists, students, and educators. However, in our Lab, we recognized the need for additional features and improvements based on our extensive experience conducting Arduino education workshops and designing projects. That's why we proudly present to you the ROBO UNO+, an Arduino Uno compatible board designed from scratch, integrating valuable feedback from our five years of workshops and project development. 🚀🚀


Since this is a classic educational platform, we took the chance and marked lal of the main components in the silkscreen so the student can easily recognise and understand the setup of the board. Building upon the foundation of the classic Arduino Uno R3, the ROBO UNO+ offers an array of enhanced features that cater to the specific requirements we encountered most frequently during our educational endeavors. 📈📊


All new USB Type C Interface 🥳:
Our feature list will begin with the widely wanted USB Type C! In response to the evolving connectivity standards and the widespread adoption of USB Type-C, we are thrilled to announce that the ROBO UNO also incorporates a USB Type-C interface. With the USB Type-C interface, the ROBO UNO not only aligns itself with the latest industry standards but also ensures seamless compatibility with a wide range of devices and accessories. Whether you're programming the board, transferring data, or powering it up, the USB Type-C interface on the ROBO UNO offers a more streamlined and convenient user experience. ⚡⚡


Expanded Connectivity with Double Header Pin Rows:
The ROBO UNO boasts double header pin rows, providing increased connectivity options for additional sensors, actuators, and expansion modules. This allows for more complex and diverse projects, offering enthusiasts and educators flexibility in design.

Eye-catching Illumination with Neopixel RGB LEDs:
We understand the importance of visual feedback in electronics projects, which is why we incorporated three Neopixel RGB LEDs into the ROBO UNO. These programmable LEDs enable vibrant and eye-catching lighting effects, adding a touch of interactivity and creativity to your projects.

Enhanced User Interaction with Extra Buttons:
To further augment user interaction, the ROBO UNO+ integrates four tactile buttons. These buttons can be utilized to trigger specific actions or serve as input devices for controlling various functions in your projects. Whether you're building a gaming console or an interactive installation, the buttons on the ROBO UNO+ will provide an intuitive and engaging user experience.

Audio Output with a Buzzer:
We recognized the need for audio feedback in numerous applications, ranging from simple alarms to musical compositions. Hence, we included a buzzer on the ROBO UNO+. The buzzer can be easily controlled and programmed to emit different frequencies and tones, making it an excellent addition for projects that require auditory notifications or musical output.

Convenient Expansion with an Easy OLED Screen Add-on Port:
Realizing the growing popularity of OLED screens in embedded systems projects, we made sure to incorporate an easy OLED screen add-on port on the ROBO UNO+. This plug-and-play feature allows for seamless integration the standard 0.91 inch OLED displays, providing a visual interface to showcase project data, status, user interactions, or even code mini games 🎮



The ROBO UNO+ is the result of our commitment to continually improve upon existing platforms by incorporating valuable feedback and insights from our extensive experience in Arduino educational workshops and project design. By introducing the additional hardware features, we aim to provide enthusiasts and educators with a more comprehensive and versatile platform to explore their creativity and enhance their learning experiences.

With the ROBO UNO+, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps into the world of Arduino or an experienced maker pushing the boundaries of embedded systems, our board will empower you to bring your ideas to life in exciting and innovative ways. Welcome to the future of Arduino development—the ROBO UNO+! 🦄🦄🦄

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